SICK! Remix by the goodfellas at Galactic Scoundrels out of Vancouver/Canada…head over to their soundcloud for more.

The Galactic Scoundrels are just two space hobos trying to bring interplanetary delight to the cosmos. Having spent eons combing the vastness of space, searching for the funkiest unidentified flying funk, Han Savage and Corbo Calrutzian decided to band together in an attempt to unite the stars through sound. Will they succeed?

The dynamic duo work for futuristic radio stations on their home planet but when travelling through space and time they work for all intelligent life. No space doubloons are required to download their mixes and sharing between social dimensions is encouraged. The Galactic Scoundrels are available to create custom musical landscapes, rock your party or regale you with tall tales of their alien lifestyle. Just send out the beacon and they will be there!

Join the Galactic Scoundrels…

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