The latest duo on our radar go by the name Notoriety  and it consists of emcee Vydle Sinez and emcee/singer Incredible Chuck.  The duo’s newest effort is the visual for their song “Dino Spumoni” off their debut album “Expect the unexpected”.  The song produced by D-Man, reminds listeners to ‘disconnect’ for sanities sake. Vydle & Chuck touch on ‘waking up’ from the media matrix to maintain a mental balance over the sonics brought by producer  Investing in each other, the process, overcoming the losses and humbly celebrating the wins.

The visuals takes on a more offbeat tone with retro aesthetics and abstract tropes as the duo are being attacked by unknown antagonists through the woods.

The  single ” Dino Spumoni ” is off their debut album ‘ Expect the Unexpected ‘:


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