Texas, USA based singer/rapper Norman Sann caught our ears with his brand of conscious raps laced with soulful and reflective elements.

The first cut we got from him is titled “D.W.B” and explores the struggles of being black in the US of A. The title is an acronym for driving while black and tackles the never-ending issue of systemic and deeply-rooted racism in all spheres of life. Sann delivers a heartfelt performance with a laidback flow as he talks about how being black never changes regardless of your social status.


The second track “Pennywise” has a solemn texture and moody feel peppered by a vibrant trap drum arrangement. The track tackles a sour relationship and all the time wasted in it. It’s quite compelling with lyrics like “We can’t go back in time though I wish I could rewind/and get back all that money I spent every nickel and dime” that every man can relate to.

“Careless Condition” has a smooth soulful texture and mellow drums. Sann doesn’t hold back his thoughts here and takes the listener across the South of America to give them a true depiction of the things that happen there.

Get the full LP on Apple Music.


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