Mad Hattr refuses to be fenced in. He doesn’t drop the typical visuals you might expect from a hip-hop artist. He kicks rhymes that are intelligent, thoughtful, and have a spark of humour to them. The beat is produced by Exit Only, who has  cameo in it, as does Fresh Kils, and Hattr’s family.

This track is from a forthcoming album that has been in the works for a while now. He has launched a crowd funding campaign to get it released on vinyl. The project is called “Offline Existence” and here are the details.

It’s simple folks, I made a record and I need your help to get it on vinyl. I’m willing to do some stuff for it too.

I am quite proud of this record. As the title suggests, it touches on many aspects of living in an age of social media and reminiscing about growing up without smartphones or social media accounts. The idea behind the vinyl pressing is in the literal connections it requires, the connection between the needle and the record, between you and the cover art. When you engage in listening to a record it’s not something you put on to forget about like a random playlist droning off in the background of your day. Listening to a record takes effort and attention. I realize not everyone has the means to play records so I have included the standard digital download with each perk.

There will be 3 different perks available. The first will include a physical copy of the vinyl, Digital Advance Copy, and free admission to the release party. The second perk will have the same but with a specially designed Dreamsters Union shirt. The third will have the same as the second but with a “7 Single featuring Don’t Fence Me In and Nexus. This will be the ONLY COPY AVAILABLE EVER. Pretty cool stuff.

If you want to support, please head over to Indiegogo page.

I look forward to hearing this record and I am sure you will too once you check out the new video.

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