Emerging rapper Nigel Jordan makes his mark on our site with 3 solid cuts that capture his life at various stages. From trying to live a good life, overcome personal challenges to living in. fear because of his skin color, Jordan sure gives the listener enough insights into his life. The 3 joints are taken from his new project Project Parallels.

The first cut “Pull Up” is the lead single from the project and it’s a feel-good song about potential no strings attached hook up. It doesn’t really get too serious about the subject matter but just looks over the whole situation from a matter of factly standpoint. He delivers his verses in a calm laidback manner and lets the other party know that it’s not rocket science but if she is down then it’s all kosher.


“Progress” is the intro to the project and its a mellow soulful jam that explores the concept of being a better person through personal growth and overcoming. obstacles that life may throw at you.


“Paranoid” has a dark subject matter but the backdrop has a bright vibe with the reflective pianos and smooth textures. Here, Jordan shares his daily fears and paranoia from getting killed by cops, regular people, and the seemingly insurmountable pressures of living. It’s quite insightful and somewhat melancholic.

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