Hackney rapper Nicki Knightz, presents Lonely Gilrs Hearts Club, an 8-track body of work that revolves around her wins, losses and the in-betweens. The project sees her working exclusively with her genre-bending partner in crime Henny Knightz who produced the entire project. This is her third project following 2020’s For The Uninformed EP’.


The project starts with the title track “Lonely Girls Hearts Club (Intro)”, which sees Nicki reflecting on her life and experiences growing up in the North London council estate. Over a woozy and warm soundscape layered over sparse drums, she details her tumultuous past and how these experiences shaped her and helped her find her true self. In a nutshell, it gives listeners a detailed journey of Nicki the artist. This is followed by “Along Came Molly”, a downtempo and experimental track made up of a dreamy and atmospheric soundscape. Here, Nicki digs deep into her daily struggles and how she maintains her sanity by finding an outlet to plug in. Her lyrics are quite vivid and her descriptive songwriting is layered and personal enough to capture an in-depth tale of experimentation with MDMA. The following track “Step With Me” has a familiar sample and features  JoeJas.  Armed with her commanding and gruff vocal tone, Nicki flows seamlessly over the smooth and bouncy soundscape laid before her. Joining the fray is JoeJas who garnishes the track with a laidback and somewhat nonchalant flow. The track is an interesting change of pace compared to the previous ones and it’s a reminder of Nicki’s versatility.




In “You Want Me?”, Nicki reflects on a flame and the ups and downs that she experiences when dealing her that special someone. Over a mellow and atmospheric soundscape, Nicki takes us deep into this fantasy with vivid songwriting and sultry aesthetics bolstered by Tai’s seductive vocals. “Bigger Things” is an aspirational tune that has a jazzy element with its dusty and sombre piano chord and rich guitar plucks layered over a steady drum groove. Here, Nicki dwells on the high life and all the splendour one can wallow in while Berlin-based vocalistIvohé provides a sublime vocal addition to the record. “ICY” is a punchy and cinematic piece that showcases Nicki’s stylish and expressive songwriting steeped into bravado and sharp wit to match. The RETROPXSSY-assisted “Cherry” is an experimental piece that talks about finding one’s true sexuality and maturity as time passes by and clarity sets in. The production is quite eclectic and both Nicki and RETROPXSSY complement each other with their vastly distinctive styles.


The final track “P.O.V” is a vivid storytelling piece that explores life in urban decay and the never-ending daily struggles women and men of different backgrounds had to live with. From domestic and sexual abuse, family drama, and socio-economic downturn , Nicki gives listeners a true glimpse into the harsh realities of life which is then curated in highlight reels on the gram. It is titled “P.O.V” for a reason and it is quite touching.




Listen to Lonely Girls Hearts Club on all DSPs here.


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