Peace ya’ll…

For months now, we’ve been working behind closed doors on WIB merch. We figured it’s the best way for people to show love for what we doing whilst at the same time supporting the up keeping of the  website, which is much needed at this point as the costs are raising rapidly.

With this being said,we understand, that if you going to buy new clothing, not only does it need to be stylish but needs to be of the highest quality. And this is where we’ve spend the most time, finding the right designs, the right material and the right printing house…we have approached this,  from the stand point of “If I was a first time reader would I be interested?!“…and we believe we’ve cracked it.

We are almost ready, just finilizing the store and pricing. We  will open on the 28th of November, (next monday)…the merch released will be limited edition. You will know more details on the day of release…but make sure you keep an eye out so you don’t miss out.

Please spread the word about this, as far and wide as possible. We need everyone’s support on this new venture. So please feel free to Tweet, Retweet, Facebook Like, Post or Re-Like…your help will be greatly appreciated.

The whole team is really excited and mad proud, and we can wait to show you all, what we have in store.

This is part of our 2nd year Anniversary celebration, which starts on the 26th.

Mark your calendars for the 28th and hope to see you in our Shop.

Until Monday…Stay blessed.

•The Word Is Bond Team•

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