I’m happy to announce KUROISOUL will be releasing a EP on July 20th!

“In the past few years I’ve made over 1000 tracks and I’ve lost just as many. I’ve released unofficial collections and singles, remixes, mixes, and tributes. I’ve spent hours sifting through tens of thousands of samples and sounds to develop my own style. I’ve constantly re-organized my catalog and I’ve reached out to dozens of artists. Sometimes I wonder, what do I have to show for myself thus far? What have I actually accomplished? Am I heading towards my goals and am I succeeding?”

Track List:

1. How Real
2. Be The One
3. Fly Away
4. My Family
5. I Don’t Mind
6. A Moment
7. Wondering Why

Out July 20th

Keep a eye out for that!  Sure to be another great release from KUROISOUL




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