I don’t pay much attention to DMX anymore but I have a soft spot for Belly because my home town (Omaha) is in it and Method Man gets gunned down at a local strip club. Also, I thought it was funny.

DMX appeared on some MTV show and said this about how he originally came upon the role in Belly:

“Hype Williams did my first video “Get At Me Dog,” and at the end of the video, I’m eating and everything and he asked me if I wanted to be part of a movie.”

Here’s the bit about his slightly unhealthy diet affecting his memory of the shoot:

“I really don’t remember how I felt at the time. You gotta remember also, during that whole movie, I’d eat an egg and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon in the morning, then I’d drink a bottle of Hennessy per day. That was the contents of my stomach everyday.”

Sounds about right.

via [MTV.com]


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