When it comes to instrumental Hip-Hop, the name Fat Jon is synonymous. Back around ’04-’05, Humanoid Erotica was instrumental (pun intended) in hooking my ears into the sub-genre turned stand alone art form. So when I heard that Maurice Galactica was returning with a follow up, it qualified as WIB “Extra! Extra!” material.  Although, it only has a limited CD and vinyl release in Japan and, as is usually the case for me, these kind of releases are always sold out before I even get a clue on what’s going on. Readers out in Japan – don’t miss it! Artwork and tracklisting after the link…


1. Thoughtform

2. Divided Ascention

3. Magic Flute

4. Eternal Type Satellite

5. Galaxy Class

6. Losing U

7. Little Green Book 8. Intellect Bombs

9. Awingman Supreme

10. Various Random

11. The Prowess

12. Pain Of A Cultured Night

13. Thirdbass Allday

14. Just Amoment

Artwork by Takuya Komaba

More info at HydeOut-Tribe / Zooooo.jp


I was also gonna throw in a stream of a personal favourite track from Humanoid Erotica, but the whole damn thing is nice. Purchase from iTunes and Amazon.

UPDATE (November 2012): I’ve now written a full album review of “Rapture Kontrolle”, read it HERE

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