Rise and Fire, We Build Hits, and Hip-Hop Icon Billy Danze of M.O.P presents new back to back releases, “Dinero” and “Gone Fishing.”

Billy Danze, noted as NY’s most notorious and incomparable rapper addresses the state of Hip Hop and controversial crazed theory of old school vs. new school.  During a time where OG’s belittle a new era of music and where the new generation lack knowledge and respect for pioneers, Danze continues to prove his reign and ability to steer in any lane, at any speed.

“Dinero” serves as raw NY Hip Hop at it’s finest brimming with clever, sharp wordplay that delivers signature blows of gritty punchline after punchline.  The hardcore production intensifies the lyrical adrenaline spewing from Danze and is sure to have the old and new school rallied together head bopping.

Danze displays his ability to entertain diverse beats and multi-genre infused production in the track “Gone Fishing.” Over a blend of heavy bass and mind-expanding tones, Danze delivers intricate jewels and lyrical scriptures for both listeners and industry players to take heed to.  Like “Dinero”, “Gone Fishing” is set to stir the old and new school towards a strive for communal change, support, and unity to represent the essence of Hip-Hop.

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