Experimental artist Neon BLK drops his mixtape VIOLET after teasing us with a flurry of singles. The 10 track project is a blend of airy and off-kilter sounds underpinned by Neon BLK’s nonconforming style and unique melodic runs.

It opens up with the previously released “FREEFALL.” Neon BLK delivers a heartfelt performance as he reflects on the dynamics of relationships and then some. He acknowledges his own flaws and tries to find a balance with the other party involved but things are not so black and white and he certainly has to deal with unprecedented variables. It is followed by the moody “DROWN” and “EVIL EYE” which see him diving into the dynamics of being in love with the wrong person. On the somber  “SNEAKY GEMS” which is made up of a somber piano riff and booming trap backdrop that blends with the singer’s sultry melodic runs and vivid lyrics that detail the underhanded actions of two-faced individuals who do sneaky things. “FAIRY JESUIT” sees him working with producer Drowse, who laces him with a moody and dreamy backdrop to croon over. Neon BLK delivers a heartfelt and alluring performance ripe with thought-provoking lyrics that deal with closet church gay men who lead double lives while ignoring the consequences and their effects on those around them. The title track, “VIOLET” is a somber and atmospheric piece that displays Neon BLK’s songwriting versatility as he delivers a reflective and insightful laden piece that dwells on sticking to one’s guns regardless of what others say.



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