By Jessica Helen Brant

Liberian song bird Naweh is no stranger to flying the coop of emotion when love takes a wrong turn. The Washington D.C area vocalist sings with devout honesty about what a woman is really thinking after a breakup in her newest Soundcloud single, “I’m Not There Yet.” Juxtaposed with her firm message, Naweh’s smoky, pulpy vocals are easy to digest. Interspersed between her stories are a multitude of influences: a higher-pitched Jennifer Hudson, a little old school 3LW, and a touch of Faith Evans, to name a few. Naweh’s audio journey is empowering, pro-feminist, and culturally aware. Her work as a social activist in the D.C. region inspires and encourages her musical style. On speaking about her music, Naweh says her goals are “to inspire, uplift, and touch the spirit.”








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