Remember that music group put together by Dr Dre called The Firm? Yeah the refresher is just so you know who this is about. The homie Nature is blessing us with an EP called Seasons Changed, and we get to see visuals for one of the tracks. The track is nice with that boom bap hip hop beat though there is that bass that is thumping as well. It’s basically that rawness so you know what the sound is like. I personally just wish there was some deejay on it to bring to a close with some scratches. Nature has got lyrics too so you know its a worthy song. The line that stood out for me is ‘…Hood poetry/thug shakespeare’.

Having said that, this here is about the video and to be honest there isn’t much to go on with it. We do get to see Nature a lot yes but then there isn’t much to take away in that video about New York or the people to whom the track is referent. I guess you can watch the video just for the sakes of it. Feel free to express your thoughts but may be I should make an excuse by saying the budget was low and this visual we see is the result. Be my guest and hit the play button then share your thoughts with the bond.

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