NAK dropped his latest Mixtape by the name of “Fruits” this past May… fans of Nujabes, Marcus D, Evan Awake..etc. will appreciate this…lyrics laced with those smooth Japanese oriented beats.

NAK has appeared before on WIB on some of Evan Awake’s work…and he still comes across as a very promising lyricist with a positive message.

I write strictly for Christ, for humanity, and for the love of the art; I do not emcee with the intent to gain respect, money, or fame. I seek to share with my listeners the love of Christ through music, subsequently aiming to inspire, empower, encourage thought, catalyze progression, and provide hope. – NAK

– Evan Awake:
– Moleman:
– Plue Starfox:
– David Whitaker:
– DJ Tamu:
– Glenn Lumanta:
– Kondor:
– Azzurro:
– Wy-I:
– DJ Illogic:
– DJ Kross:

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