Emerging rapper MRTY makes his entry on our site with his new Imposter EP. The 5 track body of work sees him digging deep as he dives into his own journey through life and the ups and downs that come with it. The project starts with the reflective record titled  “Thoughts” which serves as an introduction to him as a young black man going through his own daily struggles, from mistakes to retracing his steps to learning his lessons, MRTY pours all his thoughts on wax for us to feel.  This is followed by the Gospel-tinged “i swear” which starts off with a soulful vocal sample and switches into a moody backdrop. MRTY delivers with a low-tone cadence and changes his style completely as he wears his bravado armour to protect himself. In “Late Night Shenanigans”, he employs a sombre and somewhat atmospheric soundscape to share a love tale that everyone can relate to. Here, he displays his singing skills and gives a smooth performance ripe with heartfelt and evocative lyrics filled with adulation for his girl. The laidback moody vibes continue on “No Other” where he once again employs a melodic flow to good use and delivers vivid lyrics filled with aspirational themes.

The final track “Don’t Run (Pop’s Told Me)” sees him musing on the encouraging words of advice he received from his father. Bolstered by a sombre guitar-driven backdrop, he gives us a glimpse into his upbringing and relationship with his father and God up above. Overall, it’s a candid and solemn view of how one can easily lose their religion in the wake of the pressures of reality.

The project is short but somewhat dense and gives listeners some insight into who MRTY is.


Stream Imposter on Apple Music.

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