Here’s some strategic heat.. Mr. Lif drops some gems on the new project “Sleepyheads”… The lyrical disposition of Mr. Lif takes it further when his third eye collides and combines with the nature of his factual diction upon the mic..14 rarities of underground dominance, natural to nature… This is lyrical spray at it’s finest, it’s recommended you cop this immediately..Continue to read for more info from Mr.Lif..

Finally available for official download is the coveted “Sleepyheads (Unreleased & Hard to Find) vol 1. This is the original first edition of the Sleepyheads series enhanced with one bonus track (“Flick”) extracted from the vault. Also, for the 1st time ever, the official lyrics to long time favorites, Madness in a Cup, Elektro, & Because They Made it That Way are available here.

This project chronicles songs from the start of my career. During this era, I had a strict doctrine of self sufficiency, and as a result 8 of the 14 tracks (This Won, Elektro, The Nothing, Inhuman Capabilities, Farmhand, Be Out, Day of Power, & Flick) are produced entirely by me.

I’ve recently rediscovered my love for production and I’m currently creating new self produced projects. This being the fact, it seems fitting to make Sleepyheads available for your listening pleasure once again at this time. I sincerely hope you enjoy & thank you so much for your support.


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