Indie emcee Mr. Denton makes his entry on our site with a handful of songs that showcases his unique style.

The first cut “Living___Dream” is a heartfelt and reflective track that sees Denton reminiscing on some of the ladies in his past life. He makes use of a mellow and bright backdrop to pen this heartwarming tale.

“I’m Moody” is the second cut and it’s just as the title says. It’s dark and somewhat trippy while the flow is choppy and off-beat at times. The premise is quite insightful and shows a glimpse into his fears and hopes.

In “Do What You Wanna Cuz I’m Gonna” he pens a heartfelt ode to his past alcoholism and alcoholics who are going through their own struggles. From the gloomy and hypnotic backdrop to Mr. Denton’s melodic flow and evocative lyrics, viewers do get a different and soul-gripping energy.


“Oh Hey. Hi. Hello” is a self-produced record and veers off a bit from the rest of the tunes here. It has more of an electronic feel and feels a bit sparse while the flow is impassioned and works to some degree.



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