Egyptian American emcee Mostafa‘s newest release “Tested” is about life’s trials and tribulations and the in-betweens. Over a moody and sombre backdrop, Mostafa and OKC-based artist Jabee each take time to reflect on a myriad of issues that they are facing and how they are moving through it all. Jabee sets the tone with his spirited flow and reflective lyricism that touches on pain, loss and faith with lines like “So my faith is my extension and I pray and stay consistent/ One foot in one foot out just the way I’m coexisting/ I ain’t saying so religious I’m a saint with no forgiveness“. This is followed by Mostafa’s gruff vocals and unapologetic bars that explore his never-ending struggles. Lines like “Yo I been trying to get the head straight shed that dead weight
Run it up until the legs ache and the bread breaks/ It’s a lot up on the chest plate/ Check it I’m a be honest feel like I’m breaking beneath that burden they placing upon us” gives listeners more insight into his plight and his hope for some respite.

“Tested” is the seventh and final single from Mostafa.


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