Musical prodigy Morgan Guerin grew up in a family of musicians right on the outskirts of New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. He slowly absorbed the culture and gained proficiency in drumming and the sax before he reached his teens. He studied at both the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and Berklee College of Music and holds a master’s degree in Jazz. As a working musician, he has worked on numerous albums including two GRAMMY award-winning albums alongside his solo releases, The Saga Trilogy. In his newest release titled Tales of The Facade, he is pushing his musical boundaries beyond the jazz label and incorporating a wide range of sounds from different eras and genres. The 12-track project is a display of the varied musical influences that shaped him and the result is a brilliant take on multi-genre albums. As Guerin puts it, “This whole album deals with community — I wanted to have that represented throughout its sound,”.

The project opens up with the atmospheric textures of “Retopia” with its rich and layered instrumentation comprised of soaring strings, solemn pads and slick piano progressions. It features vocals from Geurin’s blood brother Chase Guerin who peppers the track with emotionally punchy melodic hums and soul-stirring harmonies. Next up we have “Delayed Green”, which has a video-game-esque synth underpinned by soft plucks, distorted shakers and a warm Rhodes piano that lights up the beat before the drum drops. The rest of the track moves into a cinematic-style score with rousing drum fills, and soft key riffs. On “Silhouette”, Guerin brings us into a lively space with off-beat but rousing grooves, and jazz improv arrangements with a touch of South American vibes while “Pyramid” slows the tempo a tad bit with prevalent bassline-driven rhythms and a piercing horn arrangement. This is followed by “We Are More” featuring vocalist J. Hoard and together they deliver this rousing and heartfelt tune that explores self-awareness and living up to one’s true potential.


“Pen And Paper” is an experimental piece that brings live instrumentation with a bit of synth elements together and the result is an energetic piece that lights up the place.  On “Infinity” Guerin recruits legendary singer/songwriter/producer Georgia Anne Muldrow who brings her distinct tone to the forefront over a shapeshifting scenic soundscape. Always the one to stray from the one, Georgia raises the ante with lilting, off-center vocal runs and airy harmonies. “Something In The Air” dives into the delicate issue of sexism in the music industry and pairs Zacchae’us Paul and Melanie Charles together to deliver their unfiltered thoughts. Over the mellow and surreal piano-laden textures, they weave through the experiences and give audiences something to ponder as they hope for a better tomorrow. “Homeland Heroine” which is the final track has an overall solemn and comforting feel and is comprised of soft piano progressions, and mellow bass lines with minimal padding complimented by soaring chords that add an extra layer of emotion. The progression arrangement is prevalent and when Guerin adds that the track was inspired by Patricia Hill Collins’ book Black Feminist Thought, one can hear the correlation.


Other notable tracks include the reflective “Peace Of Mind” featuring Kokayi and Debo Ray, the solemn aesthetics of  “Ginger Ale” and the moody “Day By Day” featuring Zacchae’us Paul, Cisco Swank. The tracks explore different facets of life from daily anxiety caused by the pandemic and the indirect effects of global war to weaving through anti-black racism in the modern USA.


Overall, Tales of The Facade is a potpourri of sounds and styles that captures Guerin’s novel approach to music making. While his forte is steeped in jazz, he continues to rework and adjust his styles, incorporating all his musical and life influences into his art so don’t expect to get the same thing twice.


Morgan Guerin is part of a new generation of New York Jazz artists signed to the legendary Candid Records.


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