Green Hypnotics work rate for the past few years has been nothing short of consistent material. He endeavours to drop at least 1 body of work every year besides the one off singles, collaborations here and there. The last project he dropped was Coastar in 2014 and I must say he elevated his craft on said project. He found his voice and to say the least “that sound” that may come to define the homie for years to come.

  In usual fashion, he has decided to wrap up 2015 with a double EP titled #‎感情Emotions . The project is split into 2 sides(in this case Midoris) as follows The Soulful Midori and the Bando Midori which shows different sides and soundscapes from the man. We get to hear personal stories, trials, tribulations and of course some good old braggadocio to balance things out.

The approach here is somewhat different from his last coaster and somewhat places Green Hypnotic into a whole new box as he flexes not only his lyrical muscles but singing biceps as well.

Get the projects via the links below

Soulful Midori:

Bando Midori:

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