“Why’s It All a Game Though?” is a somber, heartfelt track by the hardworking emcee/producer MOAN. The track is crafted with a melancholic texture and soft lethargic drums that suit MOAN’s candid lyrics about life, relationships, and letting go of toxic pasts in order to get ahead. It serves as an outlet for the rapper to plug into and pour out all the emotions and issues he had and forge a new clean path ahead.

The video strays from his usual performance shot and somewhat zany videos and focus on a different side. We get to see MOAN and his entire family in one place having a laugh and breaking bread. It’s quite heartwarming to see people smile in these dark times and sure means a whole lot more for MOAN who gets to see his family while doing what he loves the most.


Releasing 22nd January,  MOAN’S first single of 2021 on their newly reformed ‘Message Of A Nation Records’ platform.


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