Flying Lotus – Thundercat ‘Shenanigans pt. 1’

This is a mix Flying Lotus done for Thundercat (above) – by that I mean as a favour, not for him to listen to, I don’t think Thundercat is that self obsessed to listen to half an hour of himself playing! – to help push his new album by introducing people to the bass player/singer/writer. It’s a nice mix with Flylo – so kinda abstract chill beats – combining with Thundercat – fusion, jazz and funk. As per Flying Lotus does a great job with the editing, and you might recognise Thundercat’s style from other Brainfeeder record, he’s done a whole load with FlyLo before (e.g. MmmHmm from Cosmagramma) so it’s no suprise the The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse is produced by Flying Lotus. Here’s what the mixer had to say:

Lots of people ask me about Thundercat, and how I come to know this guy. Thing is you’ve been hearing him for years and probably didn’t even know it. He’s one of the most talented bass players I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve been blessed to have worked with this guy on ‘Cosmogramma’ and ‘Pattern+Grid World’. Since then Thunder has been like a brother to me and feels like the other half of my brain in the studio. I thought it would be good to get you familiar with the man who’s contributed his unique sound to so many records I love. Here’s some things, a prelude to the LP. Some new, some you might know, some we may never release.

His debut album ‘The Golden Age of Apocalypse’ drops Aug. 30th, which I have had my hand in putting together.


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