Rules Of Engagement , the first single from Minister G’s upcoming album Church Fo’ Da Thugz gets the visual treatment and for a compelling song,it’s well done. Minister G is far from a preachy spitter but rather gives you a balance between the good and the bad without sugar coating anything.

Hit the play button to get a feel.

Minister G’s goal is to revolutionize rap music with this album (Church Fo’ Da Thugz) and save the lives of children who believe the lies being propagated through some of the rappers currently ruling the charts. Minister G accepts the responsibility of being a role model with open arms, unlike most of his past rap heroes and peers. “When 2 Live Crew said, ‘Shake what ya mama gave ya,’ the young girls did that. NWA said, ‘I’ma be a zaggin 4 life.’ I believed that and explicitly manifested that attitude and did nothing constructive with my life for years,” said Minister G. “Music has power,” he says, “and I plan to use that power for the greater good.”

Those who have yearned for the redemption of a culture that they feel they have tirelessly poured themselves into, yet to helplessly watch it denigrate through the years, may have finally gotten the answer to their prayers in Minister G. Perhaps you, too, would do well to check him out.

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