Montreal based singer/songwriter/mc Meryem Saci shares her newest single “ALL IN” with us and it’s something to behold. The soft-voiced vocalist delivers a solid heartwarming performance that is reminiscent of the classic 90s R&B/soul slow ballads. The single showcases her dynamic range as an artist who knows how to tap into the listener’s emotions with gripping melodies only matched by her sultry vocals peppered by the lush soundscape behind it. “ALL IN” is just a tip of the iceberg and sets the tone for what to come from the Canadian-Algerian vocalist who is preparing to release her new EP in Fall. Meryem Saci recently featured on IAM‘s New Album ‘Rêvolution’ on the song “Bien plus beau” that was selected as the official song for the Netflix Marvel Original “Iron Fist”


Meryem Saci is a soulful singer, songwriter, and MC with a vibrant vocal range that reflects the diverse influences of her upbringing. She commands the stage with her powerful voice, and eclectic fusion of sounds ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Soul/jazz, Reggae to celebrating resilience with primal, high energy Aftro-Arabian rhythms and compelling melodies. Born and raised by her single mother in Algeria, the two were forced to escape the civil war and immigrated as political refugees to Montreal, Canada.

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