LA-based, Alt-Pop/Hip Hop trio Mercury & the Architects deliver their new track “Chain Reaction” which fuses a number of genres together in a seamless manner. From the pulsating basslines, low tones, and soulful melodic runs, the band brings a refreshing element to the forefront with their eclectic production, evocative songwriting, and soul-gripping melodic runs. The heartfelt record is an ode to when two people connect on a natural level with no intermediaries and the result is a beautiful chain reaction that is genuine and free from flaws.


Founded in 2014 by TJ Ferranola, an all-star athlete with musical talent no one expected, and his sister, Chelsea Rae, a visual artist and musician. In his early twenties, TJ listened to the songs he had written as a teenager, and heard a message from his past self: embrace yourself, never let other people define you, create your life. From there, Mercury & The Architects was born, resolved to bring that music and message to life. Driven to win in any arena, shackled by nothing but truth, the band released their debut EP Poets & the Beast to streaming success and started playing shows in New York City. (The Bitter End, Webster Hall).Soon after Poets & the Beast, the band went into Engine Room Studios with Grammy-winning engineer, Mark B. Christenson, to record their first full-length album, The Ghost that Haunts My Castle, a modern classic rock epic. The album included collaborations with world-famous musicians Shawn Pelton and Ben Butler. When the unexpected forced the band to momentarily shelve the album, M&A continued to play shows on the East Coast, building their audience, and releasing more singles reflecting on the period (“Genesis”, “Machine”, “Disinformation”, “The Wolf”).

The current iteration of Mercury And The Architects includes TJ, vocalist and songwriter LYNZI, and illustrator Chelsea Rae.

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