This is something interesting from singer Melat, called ‘Fanclub’. She teams up with producer Jansport J who laces a clucky backdrop for her to paint over and the result is pure bliss, taking me back to the mid 90s. She and Jansport will be working on a full length project so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Hit the play button and peep her bio below for more info.


If Texas songstress Mélat’s 2012 Canon Aphaea EP asked “Who am I?”, then its genre-blending sequel in Canon Ourania: The Illumination asks, “How do I get to where I want to go?”

Not unlike the journey that we all travel throughout life, Canon Ourania is the story of a soul that has finally found its purpose but is still trying to find the right path to fulfill its destiny. The multitude of emotions and incisive lyrics that Mélat endows the musically forward opus makes it one that fans can not only relate to, but just as equally appreciate viscerally.

Entirely orchestrated by Pha the Phenom, the first release from the project—”Daphne”—is home to a hauntingly beautiful performance from Mélat as her ethereal vocals glide over the track’s enigmatic instrumental.

The intimate arrangement of sounds and piercing feeling that Mélat brings to her follow-up EP in Canon Ourania: The Illumination transcend Canon Aphaea by bringing fans even deeper into her innermost mindspace and gifting us an unseen and yet unheard piece of her spirit.

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