‘Souldier Of Love’ is a cross-state collaboration between MedafOracle and Dominique Larue. The emotionally powerful track (produced by Danny Dee) has both parties on opposite ends of a love tale that could be regarded as heart rending or something close.

This is really dope and I do hope these two get to work on more material.


Phoenix based emcee, medafOracle teams up with Ohio based emcee; Dominique Larue for a love story of divided views. Produced by Danny Dee, “Souldier of Love” is the other side of the coin in love often not seen or told. This song was a collaboration effort by the two as part of medafOracle’s “The Soulowest” LP (scheduled for late March release) but was scratched from the album. With both artists having projects set for first quarter releases of 2014 as well as a possible project together, “Souldier of Love” is a taste of what you can expect from the two.

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