MC Bravado teams up with Nitty Scott MC, Real Deal and Time Police on “Unfiltered“. A song dealing with the male and female perspective on a woman’s plight for approval and affection from men. In a patriarchal world, men often tend to dominate, censor and curtail if possible certain actions of women trying to empower themselves by way of setting a sexist influenced standard of beauty and norms. A delicate issue I must add and it’s interestingly displayed here by getting different viewpoints from both sexes on the track.

Unfiltered” features Nitty Scott MC, Real Deal, and Time Police, and is the first single off “Hip-Hop*”, the latest album from Baltimore’s bard: MC Bravado. The song was produced by EP of The Doppelgangaz and has cuts from DJ MooseJaw.

Hip-Hop* arrives 3/3, courtesy of Soulspazm, and features an all-star cast of collaborators, including but not limited to: Nitty Scott, OnCue, J57, KONCEPT, EP of The Doppelgangaz, PaceWon, DeeJay Element, Real Deal, and Teddy Roxpin. 
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