From 1987 to 2013, Ladies and Gentlmen let me introduce to you Compoton OG “MC Eiht”…I stamp this for approval not only for the fact the “MC Eiht” is legend in music, not only for the catch phrase he has patented with “geah”.. Mean while this is where you get the influence from me goin’ in on “Ghea”… So to make matters more grounded… To me “MC Eiht” has over came and conquered his past accomplishments and has gain momentum for polishing his OG style in this transformation of music that is in the process of evolution.. continue to read further to stream on youtube and indulge in the info..

Not to mention, out of all the producers across the globe he plugs up with one of WIB’s partnerships.. Producer for Melting Pot Music “Brenk Sinatra”… Mr. Sinatra has been in a WIB favorite ever since he dropped his craft upon deaf ears… Either way, it is genius collaboration for centuries to come… So Eiht continues to bomb on contact with ease with the latest offering
“Keep It Hood EP” that is out now on iTUNES. Do not pass go on this blue stamp music!.. It’s Highly Recommended that you go cop now and keep it in rotation…gheeeeaaaaaa.. keep this underground on pound!

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