Northern California city-raised Filipino-American rap talent MBNel hit us with his brand-new single “Fadeaway”, a heartfelt tribute record to a fan who tragically took her life.  Produced by Devesh DayalJemm and ETrizzle and co-written with platinum singer-songwriter CVBZ, this song shows MBNel’s vulnerable side and his singing abilities. The music production is as sombre as they come and is comprised of lush solemn piano keys, moody textures and soft percussions that blend perfectly with the rapper’s emotional performance. He dwells on the delicate issue of depression and suicide and their long-lasting effects. He muses on his own experiences and those of many others who have gone through or dealing with similar issues and how the rest of the world seems disconnected from their plight.

This record also comes with a video that was shot as a live performance and shows MBNel in the studio doing what he loves best. At the end of the video, a number is provided to a suicide hotline for those in need. Coincidentally, this song is released during the month of September which is suicide prevention awareness month. Half the proceeds from the single will be donated to a mental health facility that specializes in suicide prevention.


Stream “Fadeaway” on Spotify.

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