Emerging New Jersey raised singer Maritza Merk makes her entry on TWIB with this heartfelt record titled “I Don’t Believe It.” The track is a guitar-laden piece that builds into a rousing section as thechorus kicks in and really showcases Merk’s silk vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The visual goes for something simple and organic. A nice blend of performance shots that captures the singer’s style and grace. It’s quite cinematic as well and gives a tinge of retro-fitted sensibilities.

“I Don’t Believe It” is taken from her debut album X.

The singer has been featured in a collection of music, made a few appearances in some pretty astounding music videos, articles, and campaigns. The New York native aims to be a distinct leader in the entertainment industry. Believe she is on her way, having already performed in notable venues in cities such as New York, LA, Mexico City, and Miami. In the process, her biggest performance to date was at the Tropico Festival in Acapulco alongside brother duo Tayrell, which has only expanded a growing fan base.


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