London-based bi-lingual artist Man Like Nells has Central African Republic roots and he channels it to the fullest on his new single/video “Mama.”  The track is a rousing, insightful track ripe with conscious lyrics and evocative lyrics. He takes the listeners deep into the CAR and shows us the beautiful culture and people who dwell there. The track also pays homage to the country’s  National Anthem written by the founding father of the country Barthélemy Boganda and evokes the spirits of those who came before him.

The visual is shot on location in CRA and is very colorful. It captures the history lifestyle, sights, and sounds of the beautiful country. From the regal traditional costumes, choreography, and set pieces, viewers get to see Africa’s true beauty. By returning to his ancestral home, Nells offers a message to his fellow members of the African diaspora, dispelling the notion that only Africans living on the soil should be considered Africans.

“Mama” is taken from Man Like Nells ‘ new ep ROOTED. The concept behind ‘ROOTED’ is to exhibit the understanding of his ancestor’s history from the perspective of a Black European. Producing the album himself, Nells wanted to showcase the rich and diverse textures of black music, fusing sounds from reggae, gospel, hip hop, and soulful jazz; and in doing so he has created a vibrant collection of songs created to both educate and inspire.

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