It so happens that sometimes life throws you situations and experiences that can not be overlooked or ignored. Well in this case, Diggler took a year off because of what life has handed him.  Now it’s time again to slap the whole world around you.

Now let’s dive right in where I left off.

I’ve been listening to Madbliss for a year now, and I can hear what sounds like a transitional change in instrumentation thus enhancing an experience that was already golden. Continue to read on…

I feel like if this isn’t elegant enough for you speakers to handle, and if your soul isn’t set to vibe to this, you should now exit – and take a slap while you’re at it. Here we have a composer with a handle on production that is sought out for the love of music in you. Madbliss, a 15 year old out of Burbank, California, continues to impress me–he created the most sculpted ambient construction of bliss in audio form. Take this one in the neck and respect. The Bond has arrived in a three dimensional high definition slap.. Gheeeaaaa.

[wpsharely]Download Useless EP: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]



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