LA-raised rapper LZA shares the visuals for his single “Misunderstood” which displays his love for poetry and lyricism. Over the mellow, somber soundscape made up of solemn textures and a pitched down vocal sample, LZA talks about a variety of rea time issues from rebuilding the system, generation wealth, legacy, and the need for self-improvement.

The visuals are motif-driven and make use of performance shots of LZA with color-coordinated backdrops that create an ambient feel throughout the visual.

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LZA was born Lance Edward White II in Los Angeles, California, the start of LZA emerges from a time when he was deeply inspired by Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) and SZA’s Z EP. In 2014, he starts his journey of recovery from addiction and attempts to break free of his past by creating an alter ego. The stage name LZA is more than just a stage name; it stands for Limitless, Zealous, and Aspiring; all things that LZA feels he will stay true to during his musical career.

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