Los Angeles based French musician Luuvis shares his debut single “Up and Away” which sees him working with emerging songwriter Mayila who helms the track with her striking vocals.

“Up and Away” is a smooth blend of soul, electronic music and R&B elements showcasing Luuvis’s versatility behind the boards. He crafts a soft, solemn piece that fits Mayila’s angelic vocals and style. From the smooth ethereal textures and soft drums, the listener is enticed with the seamless melodic style Mayila brings to the mix.

For those that don’t know, Luuvis is the musical brainchild of French musician Gervais Maillard. The music draws from Gervais Maillard’s eclectic musical incarnations including arranger and session musician for K-Pop artists BEN and Eyedi, as jazz composer leading his Boston big band, and as a founding member of the award-winning Electronic Rock band People the Kangaroo.


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