This is some in-house freshness I’m about to share with you all. This short but blissful beat “error .404” was crafted by our very own LRCN. I actually just discovered that the man is pretty slick on the boards. On “error .404” he concocts an ethereal, dreamy soundscape which slowly pulls the listener in.

LRCN dared to be different by using his what little he had left(his laptop was down amongst other equipment) to create this. Y’all take some time to listen and let us know what you think.

Here is a brief background on how the instrumental came to be.

“my laptop stopped working (fuck apple) so i thought i’d try making a beat purely on my 404sx, sampling off my phone (my record player is broken too) and generating noises from the sampler (like the single bass note from the subsonic). so none of that quantize nonsense.

this took me a couple of days. i hit that resample button so many times. fun tho!”

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