LIV †_musiq has fully embodied herself  as a black woman and in her aims to further cement the true femininity she shares with us the colorful visuals for her song “Unbothered.”

“Unbothered” sure has a nice fusion of neo-soul and hip-hop with its lush guitars, laidback groove, and soulful textures. LIV †_musiq is in her element here and lets the listenr know off the rip the reasons behind the song. She fully celebrates black women who have had to get the short end of the stick but yet push on against seemingly insurmountable odds. She is more than unapologetic when she says “…This is for the ??? and the real ones, holding hand with who they please/And middle finger to the whole world if you ain’t down with who I be…”

The visuals were shot shortly before the pandemic hit and it fully represents the essence of the song. We get to see a variety of black women from different backgrounds all sharing space without prejudice or judgment and filled with nothing but our life and joy. To wrap it up we leave you with a short quote from LIV+ herself “…The whole point of the song was to promote black women being free and being themselves and they did just that…”


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