WIB came to party and let y’all know we engage in this underground Hip Hop because it’s the life we lead on a daily… Everyday we aim to provide you with new material to keep you on deck and at the same time spread love through the music. Just to let y’all know…

OK, so now we introduce y’all to some heat out of Toronto. KZARAW is nineteen years young, and incase you didn’t know she is one half of Class Of ’93. They had released a few projects from 2011 to 2012 and it so happens that there is another project in the works as we speak which we should be expecting to drop in the spring time. Make sure you keep an ear out for that.

Shout out to the homie AstroMega for the heads up and to all of the Class of ’93 fam! Now do what Astro told me, “just take it in”, it’s highly recommended you do so! now get F.O.M.F, ghea!!!

Make sure yall support real underground hip hop, and keep an ear out for the new project when it drops; that means keep us locked up tight with it..


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