Producer/emcee Kruza Kid teams up with producer DMVU for this heartfelt/nostalgia-inducing track titled “Growing Up “. Armed with a smooth, malleable flow Kruza Kid breaks down his experience down into verses that chronicles several stages of growing up.



Kruza Kid bio: Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging several musical genres into one thumping package. Kruza Kid’s energy is the culmination of influences in rap, reggae, dub, jazz, and a dusting of EDM, giving his performance an eclectic flavor in a world full of bland generics. Once the microphone is picked up, prepare yourself for a raw and intimate experience that offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of someone who truly appreciates music in all forms, and wants nothing more than to share that lifestyle with you. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless. Co-founder of The Mile High Sound Movement.

DMVU bio: Colorado-based producer affiliated with Circus Records, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Encrypted Audio, and The Mile High Sound Movement


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