UK-based creative rap duo Kings Cvstle is back with something new as they join forces with Marz Fay for a heartfelt and sombre tune titled “Pour My Heart Out”. The record has elements from dark pop and hip-hop and dives into the sublime concept of the dynamics of love. Bolstered by a mellow and reflective piano-driven soundscape, the duo pour their heart out on wax and give a candid performance ripe with a vivid and evocative lyricism that peers deep into uncertainty and the lovelorn feelings when it seems love is within one’s grasp. South London’s Marz Fay joins the fray with an airy melodic performance that adds some type of ghostly vibe to the brooding record.

The visual concept is cinematic and solemn and also makes use of romantic and sensual motifs to drive home the message in the song. It stars Marz in a lead role and follows her through the ups and downs of love.

“Pour My Heart Out” is the second single to land from the rap duo whose highly anticipated debut EP En Route is dropping later this year.

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