Boston based artist, songwriter, and producer Khamari has taken the first step in actualizing his musical dreams with the  release of his debut single titled “Jealous.” A laidback, guitar-driven track that explores the swirling emotions of a young man trying to find his feet in a world where nothing is certain anymore. Bogged down by the current lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, Khamari takes us right into his present state of mind where he is looking for hope in isolation. He delivers his verses in a very honest approach and single-handedly carries the lush summer-tinged backdrop with his wide vocal range and vivid songwriting.


He concocts the song in his bedroom before reaching out to his longtime collaborator Trackside (Selena Gomez, Tinashe, Majid Jordan) who helps in co-producing the final product. “Jealous” is the first song in a 5 part musical release.


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