Here’s something new from K-Embry, who is fast becoming one of my favourite producers. His psychedelic soundscapes are unlike any individual artist I have heard before, as his projects graceful dance with each other, weaving in and out in organised chaos almost, with a soulful, jazzy tone. It’s enchanting to listen to, and 8 Track Kidnap is no different – apart from the involvement of fellow Black Jungle Squad member Jeremiah Jae.

This is an album with intent on showing you all the seams. An album that weaves sounds into an intricate sonic tapestry that pleases the ears while stimulating the brain.Take the time to dedicate to these genre-bending excursions and see why jostling from track to track is called “8 TRACK KIDNAP”

[wpsharely]Download 8 Track Kidnap: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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