Kap Kallous is an emcee that is new to my ears till now as he connects with The Audible Doctor for this hard hitting track titled ‘Body Bag Ali’. Kap Kallous finds a way to be funny, witty, self poignant and brash all at once on this tune. This is something mean and vicious right here.

Tune in and get with the program.

Going back to his aggressive roots and sarcastic wit *Kap Kallous* teams up with *Brown Bag All Star*  *The Audible Doctor*  on “*Body Bag Ali*” . Effortlessly bobbing and weaving through a flurry of punchlines over* Audible Doctor*s  hard hitting production, *Kallous* delivers a champion caliber TKO. Always prolific, look out for more exclusives from* Kap Kallous* as well as his upcoming release “*Grandeur*” with *Doxside Music Group*.

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