Let get deeper into today’s session… There is so much music out there that is still unknown to human nature… My perception of underground music is that of somewhat of Brazilian Rain forest… So with that being said, we here at WIB scavenge the Earth to find the most precious gem music that you could possibly help bring clarity to you life cycle, in any relation… But enough with my ramble… Continue to read further as the info for this post is after the jump and also hit the link to preview that stream…Peace to Jazzy Sport and do not succumb to slumber!.. gheaaa

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These recordings on this particular project were once known as the “Work Ethic Mixtape”. These songs, mostly Joe Style productions, and a few bangers from Budamunk, Dibiase, N/A, Laid Law, and Emphasis, some complete, some incomplete, and a few left alone-were constructed @budamunk’s fonk house, Dibiase’s Lab, and at the Soul Jugglerz Dusty Dungeon. They were gathered from numerous studio sessions, mostly the year of 2006, with some dating back early as 2003. All the tracks were compiled onto a compact disc and given to Joe Styles Keentoker brethren Budamunk. It was only for friends to listen to, but one day while Budamunk was blowing on some Bomb Tree, he thought it’d be dope for the world to hear. So if you have these special collection of songs, please roll up the Green and get Elevated to the music…….we now offer you “Elevation Music”
by Joe Styles
VIA Soundcloud


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