Virginia based artist Joe Reidy makes his debut on TWIB with his newest releases that showcase his reflective style of writing over smooth beats. The emerging artist is fully hands-on with his music as he writes, records, and mixes his music.

“Me and You” is the first record that Reidy shares with us and it’s an uplifting one. It’s a guitar-driven piece that has a mix of hip-hop and neo-soul vibes which fits Reidy’s emotion-laden performance. Topically, he delivers a very relatable concept as he takes the listener on a journey of self-exploration and then some. It also deals with overarching themes in general that everyone can latch on to.

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The second cut is titled “No Debate” and it’s a collaboration between Reidy and producer Timdo. The producer crafts a solemn and somewhat reflective texture while Reidy takes time to reflect on his past and his journey as an artist and young man. He looks at the issue from a sepia viewpoint and a no-regrets mindset as he sets forth to accomplish more goals.

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