Korean Singer JOE CHO makes his debut on TWIB with 3 tracks namely “Wake U Up”, “How Much” and “Every Night.”

The first song in question is “Wake U Up,” a jazz-infused/RnB track that sounds like something from a 70s romantic flick. CHO sounds at home here and delivers his lines in both Korean and English. The summer vibe on this one is prevalent and showcases CHO’s sublime vocals and range. The track is well suited for a cool evening sitting with your significant other. 

“Wake U Up” is produced by CHUL PD while Young CHO plays the guitar on it.

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“How Much”  has a chilled laidback feel than the previous song and it sees CHO dwelling on the love between two parties. CHO goes for a sultry performance here mostly because of the soothing backdrop made up of lush and somewhat airy textures. It’s quite heartwarming and once again shows CHO’s versatility. The other element I dig a lot is the way he fuses two languages and you don’t even need to understand Korean because you can truly feel him when he sings it.

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The last track we got from CHO is “Every Night” and it’s a soft acoustic guitar-driven record that he says is inspired by the feeling you get when you call your lover every night. He delivers a plethora of alluring melodic runs that engulf the solemn backdrop like melted butter over hot pancakes. CHO sure knows his strengths and gives us a solid performance that betrays his love for classic RnB tunes. His style is highly steeped in that realm but with his own twist thus making him unique in many ways.

The tracks are quite engaging and the choice of instruments and fusion of jazz, RnB/soul works extremely well as CHO effortllessly delivers the goods with his honeyed vocals and passionate lyrics.

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