Jeremiah Jae has been a busy guy recently, dropping releases and features left, right and centre as well as leaving BRAINFEEDER to sign for legendary Warp Records (Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke etc.) and ‘New Day’ is just the latest output from the versatile artist. Featuring Isreal alongside him on the vox, this definitely one of those soulful, deep kind of jams, and the nonchalant delivery belie the thoughtful lyricism. It’s a nice feature of his music that vocals blend in with the music such that you have to actively listen to pick them out, but his poetic insistence is one of the unique motifs of his music. ‘New Day’ is from Jeremiah Jae’s upcoming 7″ release 777.3 in collaboration with zeroh and Hit+Run, and while details are yet to be released it’s going to be a first day purchase from me.

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