Gotham Down: cycle 1: Love In Infinity is the first of 3 concept albums from one of my favourite rappers of all time Jean Grae. The album is dense, dark, off kilter and somewhat edgy (sonically) compared to her earlier works. She tackles familiar subject matters from a pretty disturbing, albeit humour laden angle (Jean if you are reading this, can we have a tete-a tete about this?).

I must also add that she produced ALL the tracks (I think many forget that she’s nice on the boards as well, say What? What?) and essentially what we have here is really engaging,may not be groundbreaking but it sure displays a whole different side to her character

Last words: Remember Jean Grey-Summers during the Dark Phoenix Saga…? Well Jean Grae is in that same zone right now and she’s definitely gonna be full blown Phoenix by the time cycle 3 is released.

‘…Stuck with Habits I don’t have the habit of believing..”

Double Katanas, need I say more?

Tune in and cop the entire project and cop some of her merch HERE

Gotham Down” is a concept album that in proper reality sequence would follow the yet to be released “Cake or Death” album, at least in terms of storytelling. “Gotham Down”opens with an excerpt of Pharoahe Monch’s storyline from “Assassins” but it is now 2016. “Gotham Down Cycle 1: Love In Infinity” will take the listener on an exploration of post apocalyptic and infinite love with heavy bass, and a full, futuristic sound.

In true Jean Grae fashion the unpredictable Ms. Grae drops”Gotham Down: cycle 1: Love in Infinity (Lo Fi) ” with almost no warning during A3C. “First to confuse the fuck out of everyone while also setting out to make the point of time and space, how it pertains to our lives and our fates — if it exists; in what form it exists,” explains Jean. “Gotham Down” highlights Jean’s love for producing, all beats were created by Jean Grae with no sampling. Combining the ideas of speed, sounds and harmonies while jumping in and out of story lines, Grae continues to deliver her lyrics with the usual powerful flow.

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