“I don’t want anybody to feel voiceless, and if I can use my voice to make those stories heard, then that’s exactly what I’m here to do.” – Jazzmyn RED

Multi talented Taunton, Mass. based artist Jazzmyn RED first teased us with the uplifting Arcitype produced single “Positive Vibes Only” a minute ago but she is back in the forefront with her newest full length project titled “Writing HERstory“. Blending her various skill sets, what we get here is a mix of Hip-Hop, Soul and Poetry done with relative ease. She furthermore tackles pertinent issues from Police brutality, Race issues, self confidence,substance abuse amongst others. She keeps a healthy balance of spoken word poetry on the project by interjecting her pivotal pieces after every song accentuating the message driven project.

Jazzmyn was also recently featured of HuffPo’s Black Voices BARS series. Check it out below. out: https://www.facebook.com/blackvoicesdotcom/videos/10155282124132565

And what’s crazy to think about is that the album almost never happened. As RED tells it, she almost quit music entirely some years ago while going through “personal storms.” But she was saved by her close friend and a fellow emcee, Carlos “Loko Los” Rivera. 

“He pushed me to my limits and never allowed me to give up on music, or myself. For that he’ll always be family,” she says of Rivera, who died tragically in November 2016. “If it wasn’t for him finding me all those years ago I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this.”

It’s in honor of Rivera’s legacy—in addition to her parents, who also pushed her to pursue art—that we’re able to hear Writing HERstory. And everyone who listens will agree that we’re lucky to have the opportunity to do so. As this record makes very clear, Jazzmyn RED is a special talent. Writing HERstory is now available through iTunes and all major digital retailers, and streaming services.


• iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesWritingHERstory

• Amazon: http://bit.ly/AmazonWritingHERstory

• Google Play: http://bit.ly/GooglePlayWritingHERstory

• Spotify: http://bit.ly/SpotifyWritingHERstory

• Tidal: http://bit.ly/TidalWritingHERstory


01. Writing HERstory (prod. by Lingo) 

02. Uncle Sam 

03. Questionable Blackness (prod. by Lingo)

04. A Real Message 

05. Know Justice Know Peace (prod. by Vinny Idol) 

06. The Product 

07. Stay Grindin’ (prod. by Mikhail O. Johnson) 

08. No One In 

09. Good Girl Bad Attitude (prod. by HuanGi) 

10. Bound 

11. Fade Out (prod. by Montez “The Genius” Kirkland) 

12. Rose Colored Glasses 

13. If I Had a Daughter (prod. by The Arcitype) 

14. Vision

15. Positive Vibes Only (prod. by The Arcitype) 

16. Color Me RED 

17. She’s Not (prod. by Lingo)

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